Sovereign Space On The World Computer

Caldera makes it easy to launch performant, customizable blockchain rollups. No code required.

Build on Caldera, control your destiny.

Reject slow networks, high fees, and terrible UX. Launch a dedicated layer-two blockchain for your ecosystem, offering sub-second confirmation times, ample room to scale, and limitless customizability.

Caldera chains bridge to and inherit security from popular blockchains like Ethereum and Polygon, enabling developers to leverage the liquidity and infrastructure native to those chains.

A Blockchain, Just for your Ecosystem

Take the reins. Tailor your layer-two blockchain to your project’s requirements.

Unprecedented Performance

Handle thousands of transactions per second, with sub-second confirmation times.

Low, predictable fees

Process transactions at a fraction of the costs of other chains, and de-risk from gas spikes on other networks.

Gas customizability

Allow users to pay for gas in your project's native token, or remove gas fees entirely.

EVM Compatibility

Deploy your existing Solidity smart contracts and use familiar tools for development.


Natively and trustlessly bridge assets between your Caldera chain and Ethereum, Polygon, or other chains

Sustainable revenue generation

Internalize transaction fees, bridge fees, and MEV as revenue for your company or DAO.

Infinitely Customizable, with all of the infrastructure you need.

Choose the parameters that suit your ecosystem's requirements. Attach auxiliary infrastructure in a click.

Block explorer, NFT marketplace, Bridging Interface, Faucet
Developer Tooling
Token APIs, JSON-RPC nodes, Bridging SDK, Indexer, Gnosis Safes, Oracles
Node-level customization
Custom fee token, revenue generation, optional whitelisting, sequencer location, custom precompiles, on-chain automation, choice of settlement and data availability layer

Coming Soon

The Caldera Platform

The first rollup-as-a-service platform. Build, launch, and manage rollups permissionlessly, in an elegant user interface. Configure to your heart's content without writing a single line of code. Available to all: from individual builders, to hackathon teams, to startups, to massive Web3 companies.

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We're ready to work with you

Caldera chains are live and production-ready. It takes under half an hour to deploy your Ethereum-compatible application to a Caldera Chain. We're actively integrating new apps and offer a white-glove onboarding experience to get you started.