Meet our Customers

Meet our Customers

Meet our Customers

Caldera powers companies across all sizes and usecases to deploy performant rollups, optimize user experience, and supercharge their on-chain ecosystem.

Victor Ji

CEO, Co-Founder

“Caldera has contributed crucial components of the modular technology framework for Manta. Our close partnership has been instrumental in the flourishing of the entire Manta ecosystem.”

Eric Chen

CEO, Co-Founder

"Caldera has built a robust infrastructure stack for rapidly deploying state of the art rollups. We could not have asked for a better partner."

Ramon Recuero

CEO, Co-Founder

"Partnering with Caldera was a no-brainer for us. Thanks to their expertise, we can focus on developing Kinto further and let the experts handle our blockchain infrastructure."



"AGLD DAO is excited to serve its original purpose as the incentivization token for the Lootverse and to power Autonomous Worlds with the Lootchain, built with Caldera."



"Working with Caldera has been instrumental for us. Their team is fast and responsive, and their infrastructure is reliable and scalable."

Emerson Hsieh

CEO, Co-Founder

"Caldera has been phenomenal in their support for Primodium and the entire on-chain gaming community. 10/10, would recommend to any team looking to grow their user base."

Hook is an NFT call options protocol that allows users to trade on NFT price movements. At Caldera, we're proud to support their team in reducing latency and cost while increasing throughput to enhance the user experience.


CEO, Co-Founder

"Working with the Caldera team has been instrumental to our progress. Their immense professionalism and expertise in this field come second to none."

RARI Chain is a creator-first EVM equivalent blockchain powered by Arbitrum, boasting low costs, fast transaction times, and enables creators to embed royalties on the node level.

Chris Cassano

CTO, Co-Founder

"Working with Caldera has been awesome. Responsive, fast, flexible. Their infra is solid and scalable."



"Caldera’s technical know-how and industry expertise helped us craft a metaverse-centric chain capable of supporting both DeFi and on-chain gaming."

Madhur Kumar Sharma


"Collaborating with Caldera has allowed us to move and experiment faster while freeing up our engineering resources. We are thrilled to be working with their highly knowledgeable team."

"Commander A.P.E"

Core Team

"Caldera's staff are dedicated, professional, and open to working on custom features. Working with them felt as seamless as working with veteran members of our own team"

Kevin Zhang


"Working with Caldera saved us the equivalent of two full-time engineers who would otherwise be solely focused on blockchain infrastructure."